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Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Real Thanksgiving?

The Stereotypical Thanksgiving: An Exhaustively Researched Skit

Cast of Characters
Narrator: no costume needed, just a voice from nowhere.

Pilgrim #1: dressed as pilgrim (optional)

Pilgrim #2: dressed as pilgrim (optional)

Pilgrim #3: dressed as pilgrim (optional)

Muscular Pilgrim: dressed in football gear, speaks with an Austrian accent.

Indian: has some stereotypical Native American stuff on like headdress, feathers etc.

Irishman: Look-alike of the Lucky Charms leprechaun. Always has some sort of alcoholic beverage in his hand.

Act 1 Scene 1

Narrator: What you are about to witness is the actual events, which took place on November 25, 1621, when the first pilgrims broke bread with the Native Americans.

Muscular Pilgrim: Yeah, well I say Lord Palmerston was the greatest English Prime Minister!

Pilgrim #1: Pitt the Elder.

Muscular Pilgrim: angrily gets up from his seat. LORD PALMERSTON!!!

Pilgrim #1: stands up and pokes Muscular Pilgrim in the chest. PITT THE ELDER!!!

Muscular Pilgrim: All right, that’s it! You’re asking for it! Throws a football at Pilgrim #1 which knocks him over

Pilgrim #2: You showed him. Ha, mocking Pilgrim #1 Pitt the elder.

Muscular Pilgrim: LORD PALMERSTON!!! Throws a football at Pilgrim #2 which knocks him down too.

Pilgrim #1 and #2 get up and regain their composure.

Pilgrim #1: Why don’t we go around the table and say what we’re thankful for?

Pilgrim #2: Thank goodness we made it to the new world in our pursuit for the freedom we’ve always wanted: Freedom from cyborgs.

Indian: Incoherent yelling.

Pilgrim #1: Where did all those cyborgs come from anyway?

Muscular Pilgrim: Da Future!

Indian: Incoherent yelling.

Pilgrim #1: I’m thankful for this beautiful country that will forever remain uncorrupted.

Muscular Pilgrim: in an Austrian accent I’m zankful fur mein holiday classic, Jingle All ze Vay, vhich ist available at best buy.

Pilgrim #3: How about you, Stereotypical Native American? What are you thankful for?

Indian: (raises up a bottle of whiskey) Incoherent yelling

Enter Irishman

Irishman: also holding whisky Amen to that, lad! Pauses for a few seconds. I’ll show meself out.

Exit Irishman

Pilgrim #3: I’m just thankful that we got away from those snobby Austrian kids. Some of them even had their own ponies.

Pilgrim #2: I know, I hated those kids. In fact, I hate anyone who ever had a pony.

Muscular Pilgrim: angrily jumps up I hat a pony!

Awkward silence for a few moments

Pilgrim #2: …well, I didn’t really mean a pony per se.

Muscular Pilgrim: Vhen I vas ein little boy in Austria, ve all hat ponies. Mein sister hat pony, mein cousin hat pony. ..So, vhat's wrong mit dat?

Pilgrim #2: Nothing, nothing at all. I was just merely expressing… interrupted by Muscular Pilgrim.

Muscular Pilgrim: half crying He vas a beautiful pony! Und I loved him! Zen vun day he got stuck in ze mud. So I hat zu put three bullets in him.

Pilgrim #2: No, see, we didn't have ponies. I'm sure at the time in Austria, they were very common. They were probably like compact cars.

Muscular Pilgrim: What’s that supposed to mean?

Pilgrim #2: Whatever you want it to mean.

Muscular Pilgrim: stands up You saying that you want a piece of me?

Pilgrim #2: stands up I could drop you like a bag of dirt.

Muscular Pilgrim: You want a piece of me? YOU GOT IT!!!

Muscular Pilgrim charges at Pilgrim #2 and carries him offstage.

Pilgrim #1: I’m thankful that we only do this once a year.

Indian: Incoherent yelling.

Narrator: And that is the story of the first sober Irishman…I mean, Thanksgiving. Soon this yearly custom became an annual tradition that is now celebrated by, well, just about every non-Native American out there.

Curtain falls

I don't understand it, but apparently several people were offended by this skit. Seriously. What's the deal with that? I guess they thought it was being racist against Native Americans, but the thing is that the actor portraying the Native American was, actually, a Native American himself. I mean, if an actual Native american is enthusiastic about it, what gives people who have no affiliation with Native Americans the right to get offended about it? I hate it when people get offended about stupid stuff. Just watch that one Seinfeld Episode where Jerry goes out with a Native American who gets offended really easily. It shows how ridiculous it is.


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