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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

And he built a crooked house

This is all based on that the universe is a gigantic Mobius Strip, or possibly a Klein Bottle. Either way.

Infinite Spectrum(s)

Are we trapped
In a hypercube,
Side-length our time?
Uncalculate an infinity, I dare you.
Irrationality is no crime.

Self-aware, but
Out-of-focus, near-sighted
Emotional distance.
Another unseen

We live by acceleration.
For now, we live by delta.
Is eternity the
Fourth dimension?
Silence the spheres,
Unite the squares.

But all must be accepted
And loved and desired.
You must accept life as art.
ALL circumstances seen
On a higher level,
And therefore loved.
Understand it all has purpose
if it does or not.
Exist or don’t, but love both and all others.


The Stunningly Handsome Nate Perkins said...

There's your Joseph Smith project!

The Amazing Spider-Fan said...

What about hexa-flexagons, can the universe be based on them?

Eric Petersen said...

My attention toward this thing was lost after the second line.

Alex Morrise said...

How ironic.

b. robertson said...

Hexa-flexagons? Unlikely.