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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I've destroyed the bond of friendship and respect between the only people left who'd even look me in the eye.

Well, I've finally hit rock bottom...again. My cousin Lucy of 7 1/2 asked me if I had a job yet, and when I told her that I didn't, she told me that I was a slacker and hit me on the head several times with a popoid.

Now I am sitting at the computer in my room listening to the musical talents of my three small cousins playing an accoustic guitar, electric guitar, and the smallest one playing kamalei's uke. Their music is roughly contemporary with not much rhythm or melody, but it has style. And that's why I love it. There seems to be a little argument going on among themselves on who is the "leader" of the band. It would be a shame if they broke up at the climax of their fame, but I fear it is inevitable. Oh, there it goes. Nathan, the middle child, just quit the band because it makes him "tired and hot." Lucy, the oldest and self-appointed leader, then kicked nathan out. Milli, the youngest has also just quit. Lucy demanded that Milli hand over her pick, but Milli would not give in. Now Lucy is all alone. The leader of a broken up band. I am all alone too now, the owner of a few broken up instruments.

I think it's appropriate for me to post the lyrics to a great TMBG song entitled, I am a Human Head.

I'm a human head and my best friend is also a head.
I don't really need my best friend.

Now my friend is gone and I'm only a head by myself.
I find I don't need my whole head.

Now I'm just the top of a head. Just the scalp and the hair
I don't like the scalp, just the hair.

What do I really need? Best friend also a head.
Just the head, just the scalp, and hair.
Friend, no. Head, no. Scalp, no. Hair.

I am only one human hair, with no scalp for a home.
All I need's the top of a head.

Now all I am is just a scalp. I don't have any head.
I'd be glad if I had a head.

Now I have a head, look at me, I'm a fine floating head.
Where's my friend the other head?

Milli eventually came back to Lucy. Originally their band name was LMN signifying Lucy, Milli, and Nathan. This new Nathan-free spin-off band is called The Dumpster Mummies.

It's tragic, really.


The Amazing Spider-Fan said...

It’s not like you ever look people in the eyes. Bah, who cares, eye looking is overrated anyway. I find between the eyebrows to be the most useful.

Eric Petersen said...

Isn't it great. I'm commenting on your blog, at work! To bad you don't have one to know how I feel at this moment. . . sick to my stomach.

b. robertson said...

In between the eyebrows huh? I guess you get to know people's plucking habits, or lack of in some cases.

Lorien said...

But I do like the name "The Dumpster Mummies".

The Golden Champion said...

yeah, the dumpster mummies is a great name for a band. We should steal it.

The Stunningly Handsome Nate Perkins said...

Sorry that was me. I'm on Brendan's computer.

Rivers is my hero said...

Dumpster Mummies! =dm=

becks said...

bud, you totally deserved what you got from Lucy. She pretty much knows all

Lucy said...

You were so weird at the Battle of the Bands. No rock band has a choir. And Becky and Lorna kept trying to shove me on the stage trying to make me dance saying I was cute. But I was embarassed and I can't believe you're my cousin because you are so weird. You have all those weird songs. And you're very funny (my mom said that I had to say something nice).

nathan said...

Matthew rocks! Matthew rocks more! That's it.

Millie said...

Matthew -- hmm...Mommy! Matthew eats bananas.