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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tuition's fruition AKA Class Schedules

So usually I cringe a bit when someone asks me about my class schedule. This is because this usually means the conversation is getting dry, or they suspect I'm lying about trying to get an education and want more explanation from me in which they will look for inconsistencies. I don't blame them though. Sometimes I hardly believe that I'm enrolled in a university. University! That's as high as it goes. You go any further than that and you're in the real world. Naturally, I hope I never get that far. Not enough allowance for delusions of grandeur once you get there.

Anyway, this semester has been different in regards to being interrogated about my so-called "further education." For one thing, I only have 4 classes, and none of them are terribly hard or hard to explain. Let's see:

IT101: This is basically an overview of the Information Technology major. I do not plan on going into this major, but I do enjoy the other people in the class. About 90% of them are in the major. They often play a memory game where one of them says a random line of letters and numbers, sometimes interspersed with a made-up word (wizzle, giga-gigadda, in-a-gadda-da-vida, etc.) and then the next person must repeat what the first said, changing only a few of the numbers or letters. It's fun. Even during class the teacher often starts a round of this game, which is nice because it can help relieve some of the tension of college to listen to some random jibberish once in a while.
I suppose the other 10% of the class consists of people like me (still nerdy, but not good at computers) and the one girl who obviously signed up for the wrong class but has not been able to transfer out yet. Either that or she has some sort of weird fetish for pocket-protectors. But then again, who doesn't?

New Testament: 'nuff said.

Living with Plants: This class is as good as it sounds. We learn how to feed and nurture plants from a little seedling to a giant mustard tree into whose trunk one can drill a hole to collect the pure, delicious, clear filling inside (little known fact: companies dye it yellow later in the manufacturing process). Lately however, a lot of our class time has been spent on the debate about global warming. It's never part of the planned lesson, but somehow, no matter what we're talking about, the subject drifts that way. There's about two or three students who just keep arguing back and forth about it, citing several studies they read (or possibly made-up) the night before about it. Really interesting stuff. Naturally, after a few class periods like this, most of the people in the class (myself included) have taken the side of the debate which wonders why the process is taking so long and wishes to speed it up. Or at least focus it on the homes of those few students that keep bringing it up. Not so much that it kills them. Just enough so that they're as uncomfortable at home as we are in class whenever they speak. Okay, maybe kill them.

Carillon: For those not from Belgium, the Carillon is the formal name for the bell tower. For those from Belgium, rock on! For this class, each day I strap my prosthetic hump to my back and head up the stairs of the bell tower to practice. So if you are ever walking by the BYU bell tower and hear "House of the Rising Sun," "In-a-gadda-da-vida," or what sounds like someone had chained a rabid cat to the keyboard hooked to the bells, you know who to thank. And after you're done thanking the cat, I'd appreciate a nice pat on the hump as well.

And that's my class schedule. If you couldn't guess from these classes, my major is Mechanical Engineering, and I plan to graduate Fall 2034.