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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Letter 10/01/2008

Dear Family,

I'm enjoying my first P-Day at the MTC. At present my companion Elder Pikula is reminising over pictures on his camera and feigning homesickness, a common practice here.

Thank you for all the packages! With all the food sent and how much we eat here, I'm well on my way to being over 300 pounds when I get back - which is my goal. My district is countinously indignant when I get a new package each day, but the delicious brownies you sent the other day I shared among the zone and everyone was very appreciative. They brightened many a missionaries day. Thank you for that!

Also, thanks for the journal, hymn book, scripture marker, cookies (!!), pictures of the family and print out of dad's blessing. I think I forgot a copy of my patriarchal blessing.

So, the other day I was going to wear my black suit. When I put on the pants, I noticed I was showing an improper and indecent amount of ankle. They are about 3 or 4 inches too short. If possible, please send new pants, or a new suit. I will send the pants home.

Lets see, you asked about a normal day at the MTC.

Here it is:

6:30am - Wake up, forget where I am, fall off of the top bunk to the ground 6-feet below.

6:31 - 6:45am - Stare at something while falling in and out of consciousness.

6:45am - Shower, shave my heavy manly beard.

7:00 - 7:20am - Get ready, dressed up.

7:30am - 1pm - Class, study time, pick up a package in the mail room.

1pm - Lunch, eat too much, feel bloated and then go back for seconds.

1:45 - 6pm - Class study, teach, ect.

6:00pm - Dinner, have heart attack.

6:45 - 9pm - Study, class, teach, ect.

9 - 9:15pm - Plan for next day.

9:15 - 10:30pm - PARTY!

10:30pm - Sleep!!


So, that is a regular day. There is a lot of study time, but we all wish we had more. I know the first lesson pretty well, and I'm trying to learn more scriptures with it, but the hard part is getting people we teach to really understand it and it's significance.

We teach other missionaries, people who come here to play investigators, but my favorite is teaching real people over the phone at the RC (Resource Center.) I spoke to a man there who had received a free bible from the church and was very excited to talk about it and Jesus. Awesome guy! I told him that God loves him and knows him so well, and has a plan for him. He completely agreed and told me how much he loves Jesus. I offered him a free DVD, and he excepted and said it would be great to have missionaries sent to his house to bring the DVD and share a message about Christ. AWESOME!

It's people like that gets me excited and wanting to get out to San Jose.

I hope all is well and I haven't bored you with the description of everyday MTC life.

There is power in the scriptures and prayer.

There is so much more I could tell you, but, as always, time is short and my writing hand cramps up quickly. I love you and miss you all!


Elder Karlsven

p.s. If you could, I need some addresses of a few people. Especially Dave and Brigette, Joe and Megan, Becky and Jarred, Mike and Mandy, and the Breens.

p.p.s Please thank the Breens for the popcorn - a big hit in our room!

p.p.s Pictures coming in the next letter! Probably!

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