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Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

Dear Family,

So we said goodbye to Elder Jackson today. He flies home to Mapleton tomorrow. I gave him our address and phone number so he can come over, chat it up, and show some pictures.

We drove up to San Jose today for transfer meeting, and the whole way up Elder Bourne explained the whole 42 year history to Star Trek, including all the movies and the different tv shows. I feel this is the beginning of a beautiful companionship.

I guess now that I'm healthy again (so you don't worry) I can tell you that for the past 2 weeks I had bronchitis. Not very fun, especially since I still had the energy to work, but was very contagious. With San Juan being so small, I think I infected about half the town with handshakes alone. We had to stay inside for Elder Jackson's last week, which must have been hard for him, but he should have thought about that BEFORE I got sick.

Okay, I have a question for mom, or anyone else who feels qualified to answer. What are some good techniques to settling kids down and keeping their attention while you are teaching a family? We always try to get them involved by giving them an assignment to write something, draw something, or answer questions. What has worked with the kids at Westridge? Remember, I don't have access to any cool instruments from Africa or Indonesia.

So yeah, it turns out staying in with bronchitis isn't a very effective way to do missionary work. But mom and dad, you should know that President Jackson's wife is very aware of every missionary's health, and is not afraid to send one to the hospital if she hears them sneeze or cough twice in the same hour. She's a very nice lady.

Yesterday we went to a fireside for the outgoing missionaries. They each bore their testimonies, but my favorite part was when they have recent-converts speak. Hearing their testimonies and their gratitude for missionary work is really uplifting. It reminds us how this gospel can really bless people and help them find hope and peace. It's easy to forget that when so many seem uninterested. But it's worth having 1000 doors slammed in your face in order to find the one that will accept the gospel. 1001 doors slammed is pushing it though.

I hope you all are doing well, eating all your whole grains, and following the counsel of the Prophet. If anyone sees Guy Francis, tell him "Oogaleeboogaleeboo!" for me. He'll know what it means.


-Elder Karlsven

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