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Thursday, January 01, 2009

december 9th email


So I saw a DVD yesterday at Target that was a new movie featuring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. Glad to know I'm not missing out on anything since I left.

So Elder Bourne is a Scripture Master. I dread the day when I will be the more experienced missionary in a companionship, for that will be a very sad companionship. But really, he knows every Bible story, even the ones in the Old Testament that are a bit nonsensical and overly graphic. Did I tell you he reminds me of James? Well, he does. He's a great missionary and was a zone leader before he became my companion, so James has a lot to look forward to.

Recently we've been trying a new approach to tracting. We sing carols when they open the door. The reaction from a woman or teenager is usually a good one, and if they aren't interested in our message, they are happy to suggest some of their neighbors who might be interested. When a man answers to door, however, we rarely get passed "Joy to the wuh" before being interrupted by a slam. What kind of person slams the door to caroling? I was told I would see great evil on my mission, and indeed I have.

We're very blessed to be in this area. There are many friendly people here, and even some willing to listen to us. We are forced to come up with ways other than tracting to find people to teach, because of lack of doors to knock. I've suggested to President Jackson for the church to send more doors. He said he would consider it.

It's great getting emails and letters. Keep them coming! I try to reply to all letters, and all emails from family in a prompt manner.

Merry Christmas, all!


-Elder Karlsven

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