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Monday, April 13, 2009

Baptism! 03/30/09


Ben's baptism went off without a hitch, and his father who has not come to church for 25 years came to see him confirmed in Sacrament Meeting. Really cool. Maybe in another 25 years he'll let the missionaries teach him a first lesson.

Today was transfer meeting, and all that really changed was that our car was given to some Spanish-speaking missionaries that are opening a new area. So it looks like my thighs are going to be extra toned after being on bike this coming transfer.

This week I've discovered that Indians (people from India) are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, but are also very hard to explain gospel doctrine to. Well, actually I take that back - many have come to believe in Christ, but now I wonder if they need to stop believing in their other gods to be baptized. Do they really need to follow ALL of the 10 commandments? (Disclaimer: Just for clarification, mostly for mom, I'm joking here, okay?)

After this past week I wonder how I will keep from gaining 200 pounds if I ever get put in a Polynesian ward. This week we had a huge barbecue with the Latu family (Brother Latu I found out was Mandy's district leader for a time in New Zealand) and then the Tangi family gave us an entire cake. Not leftovers, but a whole cake, for no real reason. Sweet!

Again, thanks for all the support, the letters and everything else you all do for me.


Elder Karlsven

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