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Monday, April 13, 2009

Chastised about his bike. 04/06/09

Dear Family,

A kindly member of the ward fixed up my bike the best he could. While he was fixing it he told us fascinating stories about his mission - mostly about how well he took care of his own mission bike. The problems with my bike fueled his vigor for sharing more about his mission.

Him: When's the last time this chain has been oiled?

Me: Well, I'm not sure, it was another missionary's bike before I...

Him: (interjecting) When I was in the Dominican Republic it took two months to order bicycle chain oil, but I still oiled my chain twice a week. Now, do you not know how to shift correctly, or do you just LIKE destoying gear-shifters?

Me: What?

Him: That's what I thought. You missionaries are all the same. When I was Zone Leader, I told all my missionaries to... (etc)

Nah, I'm just kidding. He's a really nice guy. My bike feels and rides a lot better than it did before, although there are a couple problems I will have to take it into a bike shop to get fixed. No biggee.

Was conference good or what? President Monson doing his thing, the women speakers didn't have big fake-looking smiles on, and I was very pleased when President Uchtdorf delivered yet another talk based on airplanes.

I hope Elder Perry's talk on member missionary work sunk in with the ward here. If not, we're going to force it down their throats when we have dinners with them. It did make me miss Provo canyon when Elder Perry was talking about the stranded sheep. I must have gone up Provo canyon over 100 times in the few months before I went into the MTC.

We played ultimate frisbee with our zone today and had a barbeque. Elder Ames is new in our district. He comes from North Pole, Alaska. He's a little on the chubby side, and somewhat overly-jolly, which makes me suspicious. I'll keep an eye on him come Christmas time.

Not many really good stories to tell this week. We did meet some really really friendly athiests from India yesterday. They invited us in, gave us water and candy, and didn't listen to anything we said about the gospel. They were a lot nicer than the Baptist, "Christian," or lady that didn't speak English we tracted into earlier. Respecting and loving people of other faiths is so important.

I'm doing well, staying fed, and preaching the gospel. So Mom, you have no need to worry, I'm so spoiled compared to Dave, Mike or Joe when they served.

I love the blessings of the gospel, especially the Spirit that comes when you share it with others. I'm very grateful to be here, especially now that barbeque season is coming around.


Elder Karlsven

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Zoe said...

HEY!!! I know Elder Ames! I am good friends with him. No worries, he is not Santa, so don't hold your breath ;)