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Monday, April 13, 2009

No, he does not work at a department store 03/23/2009

Dear Family,

Ben's work schedule got changed, so we had to push the baptism back to Saturday March 28. I don't know if I mentioned this, but now our main concern is how Bret Jepsen, our nearly 7 foot tall Ward Mission Leader is going to baptize Ben, who is about 5'5" and a bit stocky. Bro. Jepsen is working with his chiropractor about this.

We've been going around trying to set up more regular service activities to do around the city. One that looks promising is to take an hour each week at the Center for Performing Arts and explain and answer questions about the artwork being displayed there. Good thing I know so much about art (joke).

This last week we got to usher for the School of Music and Arts. It was a percussion show that wasn't too bad. Made me want to watch the movie "Drumline." But then I remembered how terrible that movie really was.

We often get questions from customers in department stores asking where things are. I have helped several of them. One lady that realized I didn't work there looked at my nametag and then said that if I could tell her where the bathroom mats were then she would convert. It saddened me to find out later that she didn't really mean what she said.

I really like riding a bike as a missionary. I almost wish we didn't have the car 3 days a week. We'll see if I still feel this way in the sweltering heat of the summer.

Although the work is hard is several ways, I feel so spoiled here. Delicious food, good ward, lots of things to do for missionary work, and did I mention the delicious food?

Speaking of the food, we're got dinner in half an hour, so I've got to run. Have a great week all!


Elder Karlsven

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