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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Exploding Tires! 05/18/09

Dear Family,

What a week it's been. Being with Elder Uelese reminds me a lot of when I was living with Kamalei. Except Elder Uelese is three times as big as Kamalei, has a New Zealand accent, and we don't spend 6 hours a day playing Guitar Hero.

We've taken to street contacting using a ukelele. As Elder Uelese promised, it worked like magic. We were walking down a main street in Mountain View - I was playing the uke and then some people shouted to us to come over and play them a song. We hadn't prepared anything, so I just played some chords and Elder Uelese made up some words, and it wasn't bad. After we finished, we not only were able to give them a Book of Mormon and teach a little bit, but one of them gave us a dollar each! I just wonder what the Bishop is going to say when I give him a tithing envelope with a dime in it.

Elder Uelese says he is a professional rugby league player, and I believe it. He has some pretty good stories. Mostly about injuries or concussions he has gotten while playing. One of my favorite stories though was how when he and another Elder spent a P-day training the San Jose State rugby team. One thing led to another, and they ended up helping the team beat the number 2 rugby team in the nation, and even got their photos on the front page of the San Jose State magazine. That story needs to be made into an inspirational film.

Another good thing about having Elder Uelese as a companion is that people are less likely to yell things at us or start arguing with us. And the people who still do these things are more likely to be beaten up - by him. Man, I love Polynesian missionaries.

Let's see, oh yeah, Saturday was my birthday. I got mom's birthday packages on time, which was sweet. Then went and street contacted in downtown Mountain View where a bunch of booths for different companies and products were set up, along with some bands and attractions. Pretty fun. I even gave myself a birthday present by going down this HUGE slide they set up. It didn't seem as awesome though when I had to wait for 2 moms and their respective 3 year old children to go down before me. But still, it was sweet.

Then we celebrated with shish-ca-bobs (sp?) and ice cream cake at dinner with some members. Not such a bad birthday after all.

A few minor drawbacks to a Polynesian companion:
-He eats as much as I do, and it's a race on who gets the leftovers first.
-Having to keep my back straight as he bench-presses me.
-Having to replace 2 bike tubes for him after they exploded under his weight (this is true).

Actually only one of the tubes actually exploded. The other one just got a hole. The exploding tube:

We were riding back home from dinner and went down a road with some police cars and a gathering crowd. They were all looking at a car that had crashed and was now on its side. I was ahead of Elder Uelese, and right when we passed the crashed car, I heard a BOOM! behind me. It sounded like a quieter gun-shot or a really big balloon popping. I looked back and saw that Elder Uelese's back tube had exploded and was completely flat. Of course, now everyone who had been looking at the crashed car was now looking at Elder Uelese. No one made a sound for about 3 seconds. Then this big, fat Hispanic guy from across the street just starts busting out laughing at us. Everyone else started laughing too. We walked our bikes away in shame.

But it really was hilarious.

Anyway, thanks for the updates and good luck Dave and Brigette with getting the new home and Joe and Meagan visiting Europe. Have fun everyone, and enjoy your week!


Elder Karlsven

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