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Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Pahlangy" (Pah-long-ee) = White People 05/26/09

Dear Family,

So I've been going through last week in my planner trying to find something worth telling you all. A spiritually-uplifting experience, a funny story, even something I heard someone else do this week that you all might like to hear. I got nothing, and right now I'm sitting next to an old man and a homeless guy, who are both talking to themselves, and each has their own distinctive smell. So I'm having a hard time focusing.

Elder Uelese often talks about some sort of animal called a "Pahlangy" (Pah-long-ee) that he and other Polynesians like to cook and eat. He also sings a lot of songs about hunting and killing Pahlangies. So I've been looking for a restaurant that serves Pahlangies, but haven't found one yet. Then the other day a Samoan member of our ward said that they used to be in the Tongan ward before they came to this Pahlangy ward. I was a little confused, because most of the members of our ward are white Americans, and wouldn't know much about Pahlangies. If anyone knows where I could find more info on Pahlangies, let me know.

Anyway, thanks for the letters, everyone, and if you see Kenyn, Nate, or any of my other friends that recently came home from their missions, just yell really loud at them "Ooga-booga-looga!" for me. It's a missionary thing. If they truly served with all their heart, might, mind and strength, they'll know what it means.


Elder Karlsven

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