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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Questions and Answers 04/21/09


Wow, Mom is moving from music teacher to regular teacher? Are her students going to put on a surprise concert for her like in Mr. Holland’s Opus? Hopefully her opus will be better than Mr. Holland’s. That one was terrible!

In Mom’s last email to me she asked a few questions. In response:

Q: What's your apartment like? Do you share it with other Elders? Or is it just you and your companion?
A: My apartment is acceptable. There are several large and mysterious stains on the carpet that won’t come out, but other than that it’s pretty good. Just Elder DeAngelo and I. Living below us is a large man named Roy that is drunk often and occasionally waits for us to come home at night to talk to us. The last encounter with him he started crying and hugged me several times, and then told us several graphic details about his life. Ugh.

Q: Are you cutting each other's hair? Or going to a professional hair style place?
A: We met a man named Al Galedrige who runs a barbershop in downtown Los Altos. He is a balding 81 year-old that has been cutting hair for 63 years Very talkative and also losing his hearing. Great guy. Gives 50’s style haircuts, which luckily is exactly what I like. We go to him

Q: Are you taking care of your suits? Getting them dry cleaned occasionally?
A: Yes, mother.

Q: Do you cook much? Or is it cold cereal in the morning and meals with members in the evenings?
A: Member meals are almost always delicious and even occasionally nutritious. The extent of my cooking is melting cheese on nachos in the microwave

Q: Are your shoes in good condition?
A: Yes, mother.

Q: How are your teeth doing?
A: I counted them this morning. All present and accounted for.

Some missionaries hate it, but I love being looked at on the street and having weirdos (and some normalos) come up to us to talk. Maybe I was just starved for attention before I came out here, but I like it. I’ve gained about 10 pounds in the last 3 weeks. I’m trying to convince myself it’s from the muscle being built in my legs from biking. But I still haven’t forgotten my initial goal of gaining 200 pounds on my mission.

I’m sorry to hear that the ski season is winding down. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Oh yeah, I should mention that Elder Ames, serving in the ward next to Los Altos, from North Pole, is good friends with Nicole Jensen (our cousin). Small world.

I’m happy and having fun while simultaneously working hard. Sounds impossible, but it’s true.


Elder Karlsven

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