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Friday, July 03, 2009

Dollar Menu, Hispanic Girls, and Free Food! 06/30/09

Dear Family,

I hope mom finds time to forward this email to everyone even though she is partying in southern California. Happy birthday, Kaylee!

Temperatures are nearing the 100's and our mission president still refuses to budge on his policy against companions practicing baptizing each other in our apartment complex pool. He can be so unreasonable sometimes!

Mom and Dad keep asking for more day-to-day details of my mission life. I was reviewing the last week in my planner, and now I just realize how boring this week has been. We would go visit someone, most of the daytime visits fell through, then we would tract or talk to people on the street. Add in meals, showers, and a little teaching, and that's my day. I guess it wasn't boring for me, but not too many good stories to tell this week. My farmer's tan/sunburn is coming in nicely, something I've been looking forward to.

Elder Uelese has been telling me about things he will miss when he goes back home to New Zealand:

-Dollar menu
-Hispanic girls
-Free food all the time

He is a very wise man.

Enjoy the sun, everyone. And remember, if the sunblock you use is less than SPF 30, it probably causes more cancer than it prevents.


Elder Karlsven

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