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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Referrals 07/20/09

Dear Family,

Since the ward has found out that Elder Galletti is from France, suddenly we've been getting a lot of referrals for French-speaking friends of members. Referrals are as interesting as they are varied:

Class 1 referral: The members invite you to dinner with their friends. They have talked about the Church and about what missionaries do. The friends are interested and expect the missionaries to teach them more about the Church as the member promised we would. Awesome!

Class 2 referral: Member takes one of their friends to a Church activity. The member introduces the friend to the missionaries. Sweet!

Class 3 referral: Member gives you one of their neighbor's names and tells you that they are friendly. They have instructed their neighbors to give missionaries a glass of water if they come to their door. Okay.

No-Class referral: Member tells you an address to go to. They can't quite remember what the person's name is, but know that it starts with a "B." They tell you to visit the referral but forbid you to mention the member's name. Lame! No better than tracting!

But we're grateful for any referrals we can get.

This week we had dinner with some the Barneys (members in the ward) and their elderly French neighbors, Nicole and Charlie. It took the Barneys a while to convince them to have dinner with the missionaries because Nicole and Charlie thought we would demand that they go to church.
When we came for dinner at the Barney's house, Nicole was very happy to see us, giving hugs and kisses. Charlie was also friendly, but less excited as Nicole. Elder Galletti started speaking to Charlie in French, so I began a conversation with Nicole. She had a French accent, so it was hard to catch everything she said. But she showed so much emotion while she spoke, I thought I could just mirror her facial expressions and it would be good. It was at first when she smiled and laughed as she told me stories about how she and her husband met, and her first camping trip with him, etc. I smiled and laughed too. Then for a little bit I didn't know what she was saying, but she was smiling. I smiled and then chuckled a bit after something she said. She looked at me confused. I asked her to repeat what she said. Apparently she had just told me about how her two younger sisters died of cancer.


Well, we're in a rush, so I'll have to end it here. Thanks for the emails, everyone. Have a great week!


Elder Karlsven

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