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Friday, July 03, 2009

Ukulele Woes 06/08/09

Dear Family,

First off, thanks to Mom for sending me my ukulele. Our goal is to get some songs together where Elder Uelese and I both sing and play our ukuleles. The problem right now is getting both ukes in tune with each other. I'm starting to think that my uke isn't really the top-of-the-line model I thought it was. It doesn't stay in tune for more than an hour. Kamalei gave me a reject ukulele!

I love Elder Uelese and all, but I think he's getting a little trunky. Don't worry, he still works, but whenever something bad happens, he always tells me how excited he is to not have to go through those things when he's home. This is usually when we get rejected at a door or talking to someone on the street. The latest time was when we were teaching a lesson yesterday, and afterward ended up sitting there for like 10 minutes while the a member and our investigator talked about their jobs. Computer-talk to the non-computer-nerd is BORING. I feel sorry for Elder Uelese - while I can at least fake interest in nerdy things, he can't stand it. He tells me every day how much he can't wait to level someone in rugby when he gets home. With my frail bones, I pray he can hold out until then.

But we're doing great. In the past couple weeks I realized that something has happened that I never expected would ever happen on my mission. People are not only remembering, but pronouncing my name correctly! I was told miracles would happen on my mission, and now I know that is true.

Anyway, we're at the Apple Store at a mall doing email this week because the libraries don't open until later this afternoon. I'm starting to get bad looks from the workers, which makes me think that their bright and chipper faces that greeted us when we first came in the store were not as sincere as I thought. I'd better get going.

Peace out, family.


Elder Karlsven

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