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Friday, July 03, 2009

White Man Can't Jump, Shoot or Play Defense 06/15/09

Dear Family,

In answer to Mom's question, one piece of advice I'd give to those preparing for a mission is:

Don't be afraid to loot the church building for paper towels, toilet paper or anything else you need. It took me 8 months to figure that one out.

Right now our companionship morale is pretty low. Mostly because in the past week we've gotten schooled in basketball by 2 really short Hispanics, and then 2 men in their 50's. In our defense, we are both out of shape, and they were shockingly talented outside shooters. The park we played at is full of just about every race but white. I felt like Woody Harrelson in White Men Can't Jump. Except in my case it would be White Man Can't Jump, Shoot or Play Defense.

So this week at district meeting we're supposed to review all the different things we've done to find new investigators and then assess which ones actually helped and which didn't. I don't know how other missionaries feel about it, but all our finding techniques seem pretty hit or miss. All of them have gotten us new investigators, but sometimes none of them get us anything. I'm not sure if any one finding activity is better than any other. We'll see how it goes.

I'm at the Apple Store again, typing on a MacBook Air, and an employee keeps asking me if I have any questions. I think he remembers me from last week. And I think he wants me to leave.

Thanks for the emails, and I'll try to start putting more detail into my letters like mom and dad keep asking. Usually I don't remember the details, so I'll make an effort to do so this coming week.

Talk to you all later!


Elder Karlsven

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