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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Good Eating! 08/03/09

Dear Family,

I found out yesterday that Elder Galletti and I will be staying in Los Altos for at least 6 more weeks. But I'm not complaining. One difference between me and Elder Galletti is that when I look in our fridge, I start getting ready to go to McDonalds. When Elder Galletti looks in the fridge, somehow he thinks of delicious things to make, and then he even makes enough for both of us! I often say to him, "I don't care what everyone in the mission and the ward thinks of the French. You are a nice guy." He appreciates my compliments.

The other day we made Ratatouille at an investigator's house. Or rather, I cut some vegetables for Elder Galletti as he made Ratatouille. He made me chop up three onions, and I was literally sobbing by the time I was done. We decided that hiding onions in our scriptures would help people think we were more sincere when our eyes tear up any time we open them.

Even though it was mostly vegetables, the Ratatouille food was much better than the movie.

Last week tracting was heaven. This week tracting has given me a testimony that there is opposition in all things. I remember one door we knocked and I felt like I needed to use the somewhat controversial door approach, "Hi, we're here to annoy you. Is it working?" They answered the door -a man only in his 20's and only in his underwear- and I chickened out. Instead I said, "Hey, how's it going?" He said 3 words, of which one was an obscenity, and then slammed the door.

"What did he say?" asked Elder Galletti.

"He said he's already a member of the Church and is on his way to the temple," I responded.


It's been a slow week, but all the ups and downs of serving here have shown me that when it rains, it pours. You just have to be patient, diligent and remember to have fun until it does.


Elder Karlsven

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