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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Jumble Juice! 08/17/09

Dear Family,

Elder Galletti is recovering from his sickness, and life is getting less boring by the minute. We've made it a point to periodically get what he calls a "Jumble Juice" (that's how he says Jamba Juice). I'm supposed to be helping him with his pronunciation, but I find that instead of correcting him, I just start saying things the way he says them.

People from our ward often go to visit Utah, and even Provo. I've realized that to save on postage, I can just give stuff to them to deliver to Mom and Dad. Our Assistant [to the] Ward Mission Leader, Jeff Merrick, will be stopping by soon with a bag full of the mail I've received so far on my mission. He's a great guy, and not a serial killer to my knowledge, so please treat him kindly. He has been a member of the church for about 5 years now.

Before I gave him my letters, I went through them to make sure there weren't any addresses I needed before sending them home. As I did so, I wept as the pile of wedding announcements I had received got bigger and bigger. I've wondered why it is so disheartening to hear of others getting married and moving away. I wasn't planning on marrying any of them myself. And several I didn't even expect to see again anyway.

Then I realized that what I really was losing were people who knew the Matt before the mission, and would be so impressed to see the new and improved Matt after the mission. Now, the people I meet will only know the post-mission Matt, which probably won't be that much to look at. They won't appreciate it because they didn't know how much worse the pre-mission Matt was.

It's like when I was living at home, my room was a total mess. So when I made even a little effort to clean it, Mom was ecstatic when she saw it, even though it still needed a lot more work done. When other people saw my "cleaned" room for the first time, they only complained that the path through the clothes and junk on the floor was too narrow, or tried to guess what it was they smelled coming from under the bed.

Because of this, I've decided that my pick-up line for after the mission will be "If you think this is bad, you should have seen me two years ago."

Our Mission President has asked us to knock doors for two hours on Sundays. When knocking doors in apartment complexes, we've found that often, the people in one complex have something similar about them. Sometimes they are all Spanish-speaking. Sometimes they are all Chinese, or all from Taiwan. Sometimes every apartment smells like curry. The other day, we found a complex that was all Jehovah Witnesses. Though none were interested, most were very nice, and only one tried to Bible bash with us. Every once in a while you find an apartment complex where the only thing in common with everyone there is that they all hate missionaries. I try to avoid those ones.

Well, my time is about up, so again I thank you for the many emails this week. Good luck, Mom, with the new school year! And happy (belated) birthday, Brigette!


Elder Karlsven

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