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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Mmmmmm....Es Cargo 08/24/09

Dear Family,

I'm glad that Mom and Dad got to meet Jeff Merrick. He's one of the most dedicated and hard-working guys I know. He helps us a lot with the missionary work here.

Homesick moment:
Even though members of the ward often talk about Provo, I don't really get homesick until they mention something that I truly cherished there, and had almost forgotten about. This time it was when the McPhies in the ward said how much they liked to go to Burger Supreme in Provo. Oh man, I miss those Gyros.

Our 2 hours of knocking doors yesterday brought many blessings. We got 3 return appointments, and one family even let us in to teach a lesson about the restoration. They are from Myanmar, and have only been here a couple of months. They speak English alright (all except the father) and they said they came here to escape the persecution the government puts on Christians in their home country. They were very excited to hear about the Book of Mormon and the things it told about Jesus. Man, that felt good to teach and hear how they felt about following Christ. Sometimes you get so caught up defending the gospel that you forget how much deep joy and satisfaction of soul it brings.

So yeah, we're doing good this week.

While Elder Galletti has had some "firsts" on his mission (first time mowing a lawn, first 'Jumble Juice,' etc.) this week I had my first helping of es cargo and later the first time to eat mussels. Both delicious. And they didn't even squirm that much going down my throat.

This week we've been taking pictures of some families in the ward, which we will use for helping them remember to share the gospel (I don't tell specifically what we will do because some members read the blog). We ask to take their picture, they suspiciously ask "Why?"

"Um, no reason," we say.

"Hmmm, this isn't going to go on the internet or something is it?"

"It's for a missionary thing," we say.

"Oh, alright then."

I'm tempted to use the "It's for a missionary thing" line for other things.

"Sister _______, you need to get us 2 gallons of ice cream, and a big chocolate cake. It's for a missionary thing."

"Brother ______, we need your credit card. It's for a missionary thing."

"Come on, how can we share the gospel if you don't give us the keys to your Mercedes, Brother ______?"

I suppose I should count my blessings and not abuse the great blessing of helpful ward members.

Thanks for the emails everyone. Remember to search, ponder, pray and do. Then rinse and repeat. Simple.

Have a great week!


Elder Karlsven

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