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Friday, October 16, 2009

Hump Day 09/28/09

Dear Family,

It was perfect - the "Hump Day" package I mean. It arrived right on my year-mark. It was very satisfying, lying on my bed, eating the homemade cookies, listening to the tape of the family, and looking through the Zoo Books magazine about camels Mom sent me. I especially liked the part of the tape where the Vistaunet family spoke. My companion thought that there were 3 or more men in their family because Steve kept doing different voices. The Hump Day song by the hit band Tijuana Bible was also great to hear.

I've been thinking about it, and decided that really all that's left is doing what I did for the past year, but just one more time. Also, if I schedule things out right, I can do the same amount of work I did, but in half the time. So I guess I really only have 6 months left. I'll bring this up at interviews with the mission president this week.

It doesn't seem like I've been out this long, until I start to think of all the people I've met, and big things that have happened since I've been out. There are so many good memories from each area I've been in (which is only 3 so far, but still). Ushering at the Catholic Mission in San Juan Bautista. Having an explanation of why metal forks should not be placed in the microwave - this from the man WHO INVENTED THE MICROWAVE OVEN. Reading past entries of my journal is always great.

Anyway, I think I've made the Salinas 2nd ward Elders about 20 minutes late for an appointment, so I'll have to end here.

I'm excited for the next year, now that I have a year of experience of what NOT to do.

The mission is great. Tons of blessings, and my testimony gets more sure and more expansive as time goes by. I love you all, and thanks again for all the letters and support.

Have a great week, and enjoy General Conference this next weekend.


Elder Karlsven

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