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Monday, November 02, 2009

Investigators 10/19/09

Dear Family,

Lately I've been getting the same complaint from some of my friends. Here is a direct quote from an email from Rob Magleby:

"I will raise this complaint again:

Why do your parents only post your weekly letters once a month in a group? Make them stop! Is it because they don’t like logging into blogspot? I thought your dad had an internet site, he should be a pro. Just write home and tell your parents that the avid readers of your letters are complaining in the thousands and if they don’t want a revolt, they should just post them as they get them. I could go Decembrist any moment!"

I don't really understand the complaint either, but I thought you should know about it.

Yesterday, I met an investigator, Judy, for the first time. We arrived at her house and she warmly welcomed us, providing us with drink and French pastries. We taught about prophets, telling about Aaron making the golden calf for the Israelites when the prophet Moses was away (showing how truths can be lost or changed without a prophet around), and she asked several questions. She agreed to read Alma 32 from the Book of Mormon and pray about it.

This was not at all what I was expecting when Elder Finlayson told me how they first met her:

They were in the drive-thru at Foster Freeze waiting for their food. It was taking longer than usual. Judy was driving a car directly behind them. She began to become impatient, honking her horn. Then she started yelling. Eventually her impatience grew to a fiery rage. She put her car in gear and rammed the back of the mission car the missionaries were driving.

When asked what the reason was for hitting them, she said "I just want my food!" Knowing that Foster Freeze is pretty good, but wouldn't merit that sort of behavior, Elder Finlayson knew something was wrong. As she ate her two large ice cream cones, the missionaries filled out accident reports and got insurance information. Judy's anger soon calmed, and she remarked how much she likes Mormons, and asked the missionaries to come teach her.

I'm guessing that she is what could be referred to as a "two-face." Golden investigator one day. Unexpectedly moody the next. We're having lunch with her today. If any read this before 1 pm Pacific Standard Time, please pray for us that it will be a peaceful meeting.

Danny McCoy is the kind of person that can light up a room in a matter of seconds. Our main worry for his baptism is that Jon, the one baptizing him, won't be able to lift him back out of the water. Danny isn't overweight, but he's solid. Muscle doesn't float too well, I hear.

Danny isn't afraid to ask questions, even at odd hours of the day. Several times he calls us late at night or early in the morning, asking us some gospel question he has been thinking about. Way cool.
We began teaching his friend, Jessica, this week.

Yesterday night, around 9:20 pm, we were leaving the Simkins' home to get home and get to bed. Danny calls. He tells us that he and Jessica are at the church and to meet them there right away. Though I was exhausted leaving the Simkins, I was wide awake as we sat on the couches in the foyer of the church and answered her questions about life after death and other topics.

It's been a great week with much teaching. Next week I will be getting a new companion, as Elder Finlayson returns home to Las Vegas. Now is the time when you wonder whether your new companion will be the type you should make breakfast for the first morning, or if you should surprise-tackle him at a certain time your first day together.


Elder Karlsven

P.S. Happy Birthday to Mike!

NOTE FROM PUBLISHER: Rob, just be happy you can read Matt's emails.

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