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Monday, January 11, 2010

Conducting Lessons 01/11/10

Dear Family,

I'm blown away that Weston is already talking. Still, of the words mentioned that he can say, I don't think "gwamma" counts. I think "gwamma" is actually a certain cut of meat served with curry in southern India. Ask him if that's what he's talking about.

Yesterday was the Outgoing Missionary Fireside where the missionaries going home give their testimonies with several musical numbers as well. The best part about this meeting is that at least 3 or 4 people investigating the church make the decision to be baptized after attending it.

It was my job at this meeting to conduct the music. The chapel was filled and most of the gym in the back was filled with people as well. Remembering the example of the chorister in the Hollister 1st ward, I put on a big smile and prepared to sing energetically while leading the opening hymn. What I didn't realize was that from where she was sitting, the pianist couldn't see my waving arm. The first verse went alright, but as I began the second with an enthusiastic down beat, I suddenly heard my own voice singing...alone.

Apparently most people follow the sound of the piano, and not the person conducting the music.

There's not much else to mention for this week. We're getting back in touch and teaching all our investigators after the holidays when most of them were on vacation or didn't have time to meet. No new words of wisdom from Elder Karlsven this week. But when you get the chance, share your testimony with someone sitting with you on the ski lift. Some members told me they did that this weekend. Don't be afraid to begin with dad's classic line, "So, where you from?" Then, of course, end with "y'all come back now, but send your friends to Colorado." Take off your reflective goggles and look at them with crossed eyes as you ski away.


Elder Karlsven

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Talon5 said...

All religions are nothing more than archaic old myths. All primitive cultures have had their "creation myths" wich over the centuries, have evolved into the world's current religions. All are just old myths and made up stories.

If there IS a supreme, ultimate being/creator, god etc. It is unknowable. Anyone who pretends to know what such a being wants or claims to know the nature of such a being is living in a fantasy world.

You cannot rely on millenia-old myths, written by primitive, superstitious cultures to tell you anything real about anything. To do so is ludicrous