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Friday, April 30, 2010

Charleton Heston 04/26/2010

Dear Family,

There's a certain type of person that just likes to talk. They will talk about anything. And they will talk for hours on end. There's no real purpose to what they are saying, and they have no direction they are going with it. They just like to talk. Robert was that type of person.

We first met Robert at Almaden Lake Park. Elder Serat spotted him about 50 yards away looking at us and smiling. We went to talk to him. After getting to know him a bit, we scheduled a time to come teach him the first lesson. He was thrilled at the prospect. Meeting a few days later at the same park, we sat down on a bench with Robert and began teaching the first lesson.

There's a section in Preach My Gospel about listening. Mostly it talks about how listening and understanding is more important than speaking. Then they add in a little bit about people that will tend to dominate the conversation and keep you from teaching. All the advice given there is "You will need to learn how to tactfully take control of such situations."

Robert was kind enough to listen to us teach about Heavenly Father and how the Gospel blesses families. He even gave good, brief answers to our questions. Elder Serat began to teach about prophets.

"...prophets are given authority from God to.."

Robert interrupted, "Have you guys ever seen 10 Commandments." We nodded.

He continued, "That Charleton Heston is a great actor. His voice. His demeanor. It's wonderful, and I just love the way he..."

He went on about Charleton Heston. Now, as many of you know, I would be the last to stop someone from praising Charleton Heston, but we had a lesson to teach. I tried to swing things back:

"Yeah, Robert, Charleton Heston is a great portrayal of the greatness of those called to be prophets. Prophets teach about the gospel of Christ, which is..."

He interrupted again, "And what about Planet of the Apes? You ever see that one?"

I don't know how we did it, but we finished the first lesson, invited him to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true, come to church, set up a return appointment, and invited him to be baptized, all in under 45 minutes.

Alright I got 34 seconds left on this computer. Have a great week. I love hearing from you. Keep praying and doing what's right.


Elder Karlsven

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