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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Cheating on Missionaries? 02/15/2010

Dear Family,

Alright, it's been proven. Missionaries can be categorized in the "super-hero" section in the encyclopedia. My proof: Missionary action figures. We were helping out at the community center here and one of the workers gave us 2 of them she picked up at an LDS store in Las Vegas last weekend. Awesome.

We went to an old folks place on Tuesday. One of the workers set up a big sound system with a couple keyboards hooked up to it. Needless to say, all the 70+ year olds there are now very familiar with songs about the food pyramid, and the songs from Nacho Libre. We concluded our performance with "Nearer My God to Thee" with a Euro-dance beat going. They clapped enthusiastically after every song, even at the beginning when I was just fooling around with the different sounds on the keyboards. This was one of the few times when I could say "You've been a great audience" and mean it.

Okay, I'm sorry to say it, but some people we teach are just weird. I won't go into detail about the weirdest ones, but I will tell this story:

We have been teaching John (name has been changed) for a few months now. He comes to church weekly, but has some changes to make before he can be baptized. We invited him to a baptism on Saturday. He showed up, but accidentally wandered into another ward's ward party. We found him talking to several members of the other ward and their missionaries. This was very surprising because David, I mean John, is usually very shy and keeps to himself.

We went over to him and directed him to the baptism. He came, enjoyed the baptism, and went home shortly afterward.

Elder Waiwaiole, of the other ward, came to talk to us a few minutes later. "How do you two know Dav..John?" he asked. We told him he has been an investigator for a while. His face went blank. He then told us that they found a record for him in their area book and had began teaching him each week for the past month. He had also attended their ward for the past 3 weeks as well. At this same time, we had been meeting with him weekly and he has come to our ward also. He had not said anything about us to the other missionaries or anything to us about meeting with them. He also acted like he hadn't been taught anything about the church when they first met him.

See what I mean? Weird. But hilarious too.

Have a great week, everyone. Enjoy the Olympics. I can't believe I'm missing them, even though snowball fighting hasn't been accepted as an olympic sport yet.

Elder Karlsven

Note: Matthew did not have a chance to write an email for the blog on 02/08/2010

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