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Thursday, April 01, 2010

New Found Respect for Elder Scott 02/22/2010

Dear Family,

The high point of this week was Elder Richard G. Scott (Apostle) spoke to our mission at a meeting Saturday morning. Before he began, he had each missionary shake his hand, introducing themselves and saying where they are from - city and country.

"Elder Karlsven. Provo, USA"

He greeted me, and what was impressive is that he pronounced my last name perfectly - not "Karlston" or "Carlson," but "Karlsven." Immediately I had respect for this man, even though he was probably 5 foot 5.

The central point of his comments was this direction: Choose a good wife and choose her fast.

Towards the end of the meeting, he gave us about a half an hour to ask him questions. I'm sure our mission president was worried about the caliber of questions being similar to those asked of the last general authority that visited our mission. The first question of that meeting was "What's the church's stance on dinosaurs?" I think the response was something like "Stay away from them. Especially the carnivores."

Unfortunately I was sitting in the back, and we ran out of time before any of my soul-searching questions could be answered by Elder Richard G. Scott:

"Do robots go to heaven?"

"What's the 'G' stand for in your name?"

"What about a robot with a human brain?"

"Will you autograph my White Handbook?"

"What's the church's stance on cavemen?"

It actually was a really good meeting. The more I learn and think about it, I realize how in tune with the spirit the general authorities are, as well as how demanding and exhausting their callings are. I don't know how those old guys do it - I can barely stay awake in church meetings after a long day.

Thanks again for all the support you all give me. I'm doing great. Either I'm really lucky, or you guys are praying for me and for the work. Seriously, thank you.

Elder Karlsven

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