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Thursday, April 01, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Fiasco 03/22/2010

Dear Family,

Every so often you have a run-in with someone or something possessed with the spirit of the devil. Most of the time these come in the form of little yappy dogs. On this particular occasion (St. Patrick's Day) it was two little girls:

I was with one of the Spanish-speaking Elders, working in his area. He has not been feeling so confident with speaking in Spanish. It was easy to help him with this. We went in an area of town where the majority of people don't speak more than 10 words of English. I would go up to someone. I began speaking. With words or a confused look, they say "No English." Then I close my mouth and look at the Spanish-speaking missionary.

We began to knock on doors of apartment buildings. This was really refreshing after working in an area with no apartments for the past 3 months. We were on the second floor, and these 2 little girls yelled up at us.

"Hey, what are you guys doing!?" One shouted at us.

We shouted back something like, "Looking for someone to be baptized!"

A few seconds passed. The same girl shouted, "Hey, are you wearing green?"

I looked down at my tie. Oh crap.

"You're not!" She yelled.

They both promptly ran up the apartment stairs toward us. We looked around anxiously looking for an escape. There was none to be found.

"PINCH!" Each said as they pinched each of us on the arm.

Humiliated, we returned to the car and sat there for an hour, both too ashamed to even look at one another. The memory of that menacing little girl's voice continues to rob me of sleep.

Elder Karlsven

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