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Friday, April 30, 2010

This Lady Means Business 04/05/2010

Dear Family,

About 5 people emailed me asking what conference talks I liked. Oddly enough, I really liked the General Relief Society President's talk. Mostly because she wasn't all smiley the whole time. She spoke and I got the feeling of "Whoa, this lady means business."

Going to the temple and watching General Conference were both great, but along with us moving apartments, it kind of destroyed our teaching this week. I've learned a new definition of accountability having the mission president in our ward:

Accountability (Uh-Kown-tuh-bill-itee): Getting yelled at.

No, just kidding. He doesn't yell at us, just in our direction. But always we all end up laughing. This morning eating breakfast at President Jackson's house he pulled out an old journal from his mission as a 19 year old. He read a few excerpts from it. In every entry, his girlfriend Dorothy was mentioned. As he read out loud the stories, he would burst out laughing and keep laughing to tears before being able to read to us what happened that was so funny. He would finish the story and we would all feel obligated to at least laugh a little bit.

I'm glad that I learned early on that a journal is not a record of meals eaten and daily routines ("Today I got up, showered, had breakfast, studied, then visited some people. It was a good day" = Lame.) But I don't know, maybe those things will be more interesting 30 years down the road than contests we have on who can make the other laugh first while sharing a message after dinner with the "old" couple in the ward.

Until next week.

Elder Karlsven

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