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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Am I Brushing My Teeth? 05/10/2010

Dear Family,

Even though half the time I held the phone an arm-length away from my ear while everyone was talking at the same time, I enjoyed talking to you all yesterday. There were some good questions asked. But I was disappointed that mom didn't ask the classic mom question "how often are you brushing your teeth?" I even had my response planned, "For the last time, Mom, I told you 'As Needed'!"

On Saturday morning, all throughout California, every ward got involved in a "Mormon Helping Hands" service project. Our ward and two others were to help clean up Almaden Lake Park. Just under 300 volunteers showed up and mass confusion followed. But as we put on our bright yellow vests, a sense of duty and purpose swept through the crowd. After 20 minutes of posing for group pictures (camera difficulties), we split up to take care of three different areas. Elder Serat and I went for the man-made beach to remove the heaps of driftwood that had collected there.

It's always good to do some real work outside. Especially when you spend all day every day walking and talking to people. Not much of a work out there.

But of course I'm exhausted and sore today.

Have a great week. Even though I tell you to have a great week every week, I really do mean it. Do it.

Elder Karlsven

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