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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Loving the Area 06/07/2010

Dear Family,

Some events of missionary work that need to be recorded for posterity:

1. An appointment fell through at about 8pm on Saturday. We were standing outside the apartment complex, wondering what to do. We saw an open door on the second floor. We went up there and met a family with 3 small children, and none of them spoke English. Not even the kids. With big smiles, we said something like "Video, Espanol. DVD player?" They let us in, and we put in the Restoration DVD in Spanish. The kids were going crazy, jumping off of things and the boy and girl wrestled the whole time. The little girl was dominating the boy, pulling his hair. Then out of nowhere while the boy was lying on the ground, the girl came up and stomped on his head! The boy started yelling and laughing. We all busted up laughing.

We sent that family's info to the Spanish-speaking Sister missionaries with the label "Golden investigators."

2. As we came out from an appointment with a woman and her shirtless husband, we saw a car parked in front of ours. Two teenagers in the back seat. We pondered for a few moments, and then decided to put a Law of Chastity pamphlet on their windshield.

3. Two days in a row, we came to the church early in the morning. Both times, we found a hobo-lady sleeping by the air conditioning units outside the church. Both times, she got up, and walked away quickly when she saw us, not responding to our questions or offers of help. We are still wondering if we should count her on our numbers report as someone we're teaching attending church.

Quote of the week, said to a lady that said her kids go to a Christian school, but does not go to church herself: "Hello Kitty is only for 14 year old girls, the Gospel is for everyone."

I only have 4 minutes left on this computer to tell you about the best baptism I've seen. It was for Genia Vee, a 26 year old whose mom is a member of the church. Everything went great. Tons of people from her family and the ward attended. Tons of food. Polynesian baptism, so could you expect any less? We had a lady that was baptized about a month ago bear her testimony, along with some really good musical numbers. Awesome. That's how a baptism should be.

So that's the week. I love being here. My companion is great The ward is wonderful. The only problem is that the library computers don't give me enough time to email.

Elder Karlsven

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