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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Twilight Zone 06/14/2010

Dear Family,

I went on an exchange with the Elders in the Los Altos ward this week (I served in that ward last year). It was really weird going back and seeing some of the people I knew there:

There was a lady that I taught, or tried to teach named Elaine. We never got through a lesson because she didn't care about learning or being benefitted by the gospel, but just wanted someone to complain about her family to. She wouldn't even want to learn about how the gospel could help with her problems. After 3 appointments of hearing an hour of complaining, we decided to let her know our purpose as missionaries and that although we care about her, we need to be spending our time with those that want to act on the message. She responded with 45 minutes of complaining about her family.

So I'm in Los Altos this week and who is on our list of people to visit? Elaine! I guess they had tried to teach her again, but had the same result. I had the privilege of dropping her again from the teaching pool.

Several other people we saw either had had a baby, or are pregnant. One lady that I knew from last year now had a 3 month old son, and she had totally changed her hair color and style. See what I mean? Twilight zone.

The strangest though. SO weird. We went to visit a part-member family. We came in the home and I heard the opera-like voice of the husband in the back room. I remembered him as a perfect guy to play Santa Claus. Big, and jolly with a white beard. Great guy. A man came into the room with the same face and voice, but with a skinny neck and body, and a little bit of loose skin. Though stunned, I still gave him a hug (disappointed at the lack of cushioning). He saw the look on my face.

"Oh, I guess you weren't here for my gastric bypass."

I imagine I'm going to have many of these kinds of experiences when I get home. I would appreciate a warning from you guys. If Dave now weighs 350 pounds, please send a picture. If mom has changed her hair color from brownish-red to plain brown, let me know. I don't know how much shock I can take all at once when I see all the changes.

Another cool experience in the 3 minutes I have left. We went to visit a member of the ward at about 8:40 pm yesterday. Not home. I looked at a house across the street with the lights on. Maybe it was the stories I've heard about people being found late at night when the missionaries wanted to go home, but I decided to knock on the door. A woman answered. After a moment, I recognized her. "Rita?" I asked "Yeah?" It was a lady I had taught in the Almaden ward in December. Wow. Miracle. Seriously, what are the odds?

Have a great week. Follow the Spirit to miracles.

Elder Karlsven

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