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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Amazing Testimonies 08/09/2010

Dear Family,

Every 6 weeks we have what's called an Outgoing Missionary Fireside. It is held in a chapel in San Jose. Each missionary that is going home the following week gives their testimony, along with several musical numbers. It is one of the best meetings to bring friends along that you are teaching.

We brought Sudakar Sarredy to this fireside yesterday. This was probably the best one I've been to. Over 500 people came. There were a few musical numbers, some with Polynesian singers. I wish I would have recorded some of the testimonies, because they were short, but very powerful, coming from the many different perspectives of different missionaries. New Zealander, Fijiian, Taiwanese, Mongolian, Samoan, Canadian, Australian, and of course Utahn missionaries spoke. Testimonies were given in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Mongolian, and American Sign Language. A senior couple also spoke, along with a missionary that couldn't serve a regular full time mission because of physical and mental incapacities (He helps out in the mission office). There was a strong love felt after each testimony. It meant a lot more to me than other outgoing firesides probably because I've served around and with several of the missionaries that spoke. When you know someone better, you know when they are being sincere, and their sincerity is that much more powerful.

Brother Sarredy loved it. As I spoke with him in the cultural hall afterward, while everyone was greeting and getting pictures with the departing missionaries they knew, he said with his Indian accent, "There is something special about LDS. It is not like other churches."

As we walked out of church, Brother Sarredy went on about how amazing it was that a young boy with "a doubt" prayed and "now lots of miracles." Brother Sarredy is a great man. He has expressed that he wants to be baptized when his wife and son get back from India at the end of August.

Great day. I have 1 minute left on this computer, so I love you guys. See you later!

Elder Karlsven

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