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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blessings! 06/21/2010

Dear Family,

Elder Tobler loves to serve others and offers to serve others all the time. This is a great thing because of his sincerity. However, sometimes it backfires. Over the past couple weeks, he offered to bake cookies for a number of people in our apartment complex. It seems like a good idea, but A: We don't got the time to bake, and B: We're not sister missionaries. I wasn't aware of the seriousness of the problem until the other day we were in the lobby of our apartment complex and an Asian man in his 30's walked by. I had never seen the man before. We said "Hi" to him.

He responded suddenly, "Where my cookies!?"

Nah, but I love Elder Tobler. It's just so easy to be relaxed and open up to a person like him. Plus he continues to make me breakfast a couple times a week, and the other day I looked down and realized that he had shined my shoes. I've sent a request to the mission president that he be my companion until the end of my mission.

At the beginning of the week, we made goals. Elder Tobler suggested that we make a goal to find 3 people to teach. I suggested that we try to find 1 family to teach. We agreed that either one would be great. We prayed each day for help, and every night we reviewed our efforts and made a plan for the next day to help accomplish the goal.

On Tuesday we went on splits with the ward. Elder Tobler and Brother Hardy went to an appointment. They got there, but the man's wife was sick so they couldn't come in. Elder Tobler suggested they ask a neighbor if they could have the lesson at their home. The man agreed, and they went to another apartment, met a lady that let them in to teach.

2 new friends to teach!

Then on Saturday we had the missionaries in the surrounding areas come into our area to help us find people to teach (we took turns doing this for each area in our zone during the week). Elder Tobler and Elder Wynn met and taught a neighbor of someone that used to meet with the missionaries.

1 more!

We were satisfied with reaching our goal of finding 3 people to teach, and began thinking of how to help other areas and missionaries to find. Sunday night came along. We stopped by an old media referal that had never been home. A family from the Philipines was home. They had 10 minutes to hear our message. They did, and they liked it.

A family!

The Lord answers prayers. Especially when you are in the Santa Clara ward.

I don't know how much this story will resonate with you guys, but to understand how much of a miracle this week was, you should know that on an average week, we find 1 to 2 people to teach.

I love you all. Have a great week.

Elder Karlsven

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