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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Great Week 08/02/2010

Dear Family,

Okay, I have 9 minutes to write this. Here's the good stuff:

We began teaching the Velasquez family 2 weeks ago. We met them when we were looking for Fernando Velasquez's brother at their home. Anyway, we invited them to church this week, but Fernando had a sprained ankle, so he said next week would be best. He also said that he wants to take it slow because he hasn't been to any church for 20 years. So, of course, we sent a member of the church over there to invite them to come to church with them, and that they would pick them up Sunday morning. Fernando still seemed hesitant, but he said it would okay for the member to come.

Sunday morning. 10 minutes before church. I was handing out programs for Sacrament meeting when our Ward Mission Leader comes up to me and says, "The Velasquez family is here." It turns out that Fernando actually got up early and got his wife and daughter up for church. It was fast and testimony meeting (a risky meeting for new people at church in case a crazy person gets up there) but every testimony was appropriate, and several very powerful. Great day.

The other highlight of the week was when we met with our long-time investigator Sudakar Sarredy from Hydrabad (sp?), India. This appointment was different than the others. He explained that he has gone through a "personal apostacy" but now nothing holds him back from being baptized. He told us about his desire to be with his parents and his wife and son "in the heaven."


So yeah, in short, this mission is pretty sweet. I love doing this work. I'm pretty bummed about having to go back to regular work soon

Elder Karlsven

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