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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meaningful Prayers and Lessons 07/12/2010

Dear Family,

Well, Mom, I'm going to be in some long meetings too this week. I guess there's going to be a lot of new training given to the missionaries in the MTC, so they want all the missionaries in the field to get the same training as well. This week we will have meetings on that stuff from 9am to 4pm, Tuesday to Friday.

We've been really tired this week. For the past 8 months I've had a car, and so of course I got weak and lazy. This week we've been trying to limit the use of our car because of the long drives we are going to make to the mission office for those meetings this week.


Our tiredness peaked on Thursday around 3pm. We were visiting a couple that has recently started coming back to church. We had just had a big lunch, and biked to their place to read the Book of Mormon with them. Their apartment was hot. We sank into their couch's huge cushions. Elder Tobler offered the prayer. He bowed his head and rested his elbows on his knees to pray.

He finished the prayer, but his head didn't come up. I figured he was just gathering his thoughts, so I began asking the couple about how they've liked the past couples times at church. After about 5 minutes, Elder Tobler's head came up, and he had a confused look on his face. He just woke up.

He began to teach. Soon enough, I started doing the whole head bobble thing, drifting into sleep and then jerking awake over and over. As I listened to the wife talk, I started drifting again, until into my mind came what I thought to be a very profound, thought-provoking question. I became awake and alert, and began asking the question. Half-way through the question I realized that this profound question made no sense at all. I barely recovered.

But there are always great things learned when you spend all your time talking to different people. I learned from a Born-Again Christian to know the Bible better, and appreciate it. I learned from a guy that got back from Iraq a few months ago to be grateful for being able to experience life each day. I learned from a guy visiting from Norway to be glad I didn't go there as a missionary. Not a nice guy.

Thanks for all the support. I'm excited to see Kaylee and Weston in a few months. I'll start working on my homecoming talk to make it seem like I've grown or matured in some way here in California. Nah, just kidding. I'll probably just go up to the microphone, start crying for ten minutes, say "I promised myself I wouldn't cry," and then sit down.

You guys are a great family. I'm starting to realize that an eternal family may not be as crazy of an idea as I thought. I love you guys.

Elder Karlsven

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