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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wrong Card 06/21/2010

Dear Family,

My 4th of July plans? Basically I plan on joining several BBQs. I firmly believe that eating with others is the best way to get to know someone and invite them to learn about the gospel. I've never had a bad encounter with anyone at a BBQ. Oh wait, I actually remember this one time in my last area when I went up to a big family gathering at a park. They were eating, and I handed them a card. Unfortunately I handed them the wrong card - it was one that said "Where does my family go when we die?"

If I remember correctly, the lady's response was something like, "You got a lot of nerve to come to my daughter's birthday party and talk about our family dying!"


As for fireworks, we probably won't see any. We got to be in at 9pm. So the closest we will have to seeing fireworks will be the little kids throwing those Snaps things at us.

I worked with Elder Donnelly for a day this week. He has been on his mission about 5 months now. The goal was to help build our faith to find people to teach. As I looked at the map of our area, I saw that Santa Clara University was in our area. What a great place to talk to some young people, who will be more willing to learn! We went there, and began walking around the campus. Strangely, all the people we talked to were Catholics that said they went to Mass regularly. After about an hour, we started talking to an older man that was visiting the campus for the day. He told us that he was visiting for the Jesuit colloquium.

"Jesuit colloquium?" We asked.

"Yes, most of these men walking around here are Catholic priests. This is a Jesuit University."


I felt like a Jehovah Witness trying to proselyte at BYU.

Despite this hiccup, this week we started teaching 2 families - one from the Philipines, and another who are Born-Again Christians. Teaching a family is such a great feeling. A warm and uplifting feeling comes when the children begin to ask and answer questions. Kids have a way of understanding simple truths of the gospel better than a lot of adults.

"...and a little child shall lead them." Isaiah 11:6

Best excuse of the week: Marlin, who we had been talking to for about 10 minutes at his door said he couldn't hear our message because "I was just about to go eat a handful of trail mix and some peanut butter on a spoon."

No joke.

I love you all. Have a great 4th of July. I heard USA lost to Ghana in the World Cup. That's a bummer.

Elder Karlsven

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