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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Answers to Prayers 08/30/2010

Dear Family,
I think Becky asked about my companion, Elder Bell. As far as personality, just think of Joe, and you have it. He acts SO much like Joe, in his jokes especially.
I had a companion that reminded me a lot of Dave too. It was Elder Valencia.
But the best one was Elder Tobler, who reminded me a lot of Dad. He was very humble, made breakfast, was quick to apologize when needed. I remember just getting the feeling that he was like Dad, and then one day when I folded his laundry or something, he said, "Oh, you're a sweetheart." HAHA! What are the odds? Just like Dad.
After a meeting 3 weeks ago with the ward mission leader and the ward missionaries, we decided we will all begin praying that the Lord would put people in our path that needed the Gospel. Then we would report what happened at the 5th Sunday meeting at church (which happened yesterday). Two answers to prayer this week:
1. We got a phone call from the Elders Quorum President telling us that a new couple moved into the ward. They are Polynesian, and the wife is not a Latter-day Saint. The husband has not been to church for about 4 years. They were in the hospital because he had a foot infection. We visited them there. Taught about the Plan of Salvation. Found out they both are at a point where they really want God and a church in their lives. She accepted our invitation to be baptized in September.
2. We got a call from Brother Cate in the ward. He told us that a man named Rob called the church and wanted to learn more. He gave us Rob's phone number. I called it and found out he has looked into a lot of churches, but admired the Mormons he knew for them "practicing what they preach." I also found out his name is Ross, not Rob. So yesterday night we met with Ross at the church building, showed him around, and then sat on the couches in the lobby to answer his questions and teach. Great guy.
The other good story of the week was when I knocked on the door of an Indian woman. At one point I asked her if she believes in God. Out of nowhere she asked me, "Is it because you see my brown skin that you don't think I believe in God?"
Huh? I can't believe she just played the race card on me.
Anyway, prayers are answered. I'm doing great. You guys are in my prayers.
Elder Karlsven

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