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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Because I Wear a Name Tag Doesn't Mean I Work Here...08/16/2010

Dear Family,
I remember my trainer was at this point in his mission when he first met me. His assignment was not only to train me, but to open a new area that would be the smallest one by far in the whole mission that was VERY Catholic, and only had a handful of active members of our church.
Man, I'm glad I don't have to do that.
I just got a new companion - Elder Bell. He's from Oregon, is the youngest of 8 kids in his family, and has no problem eating leftovers without asking how long they've been in the refrigerator. I like him. He's been a missionary for 20 months. He seems pretty solid.
2 weeks ago Elder Tobler told me that he had a prompting that we would find someone on our lists of "potential investigators" (mostly people the missionaries talked to that said they could come back, or seemed nice, etc). So this past week each day we looked for a few of the ones that seemed promising. On Wednesday, we had about 15 minutes open up in the afternoon, so we visited one of them - Loraine. She said for us to come back the next day. Thursday - we teach her about Jesus Christ, the Great Apostacy, and the Restoration. She accepts to read the Book of Mormon, ask in prayer if it's true, come to stake conference on Sunday, and be baptized September 18.
Don't get too excited. A lot of crazy people agree to those things too and then you never see them again.
Now get excited. She came to Stake Conference, even though this one was all the way up in Fremont (30 minute drive)! Awesome. We had the 2nd counselor in the bishopric and his family pick her up to go.
So all in all, being a missionary is great. At the Stake Conference I felt like a superstar because I knew so many people there (having served in both the Los Altos and Santa Clara wards). I think I've been blessed out here with a better ability to remember names. I probably saw over 100 people I know at the Stake Conference, and somehow I knew all their names.
One good experience this week was when we went to CVS pharmacy to get some cough drops. 10 seconds after we walk in the store, an Indian man starts shouting at us from across the store to come help him move some things.
"We don't work here," we say.
Immediately, IMMEDIATELY after that this old lady asks us where she could find some soap.
The Indian man told her we don't work here. She then looked at our missionary nametags and said "Oh, I know you guys! You visited me a few weeks ago." She got all excited and gave us each a hug.
I have no idea who that old lady was. But she seemed cool.
5 minutes later, while we are looking at our choices of cough drops, a guy that works there asks if we could show him how the cold medicine was supposed to be organized.
I think the next time I go into a CVS Pharmacy I'm going to put a bright pink Post-It note under my nametag that says "I DON'T WORK HERE." Either that or I'll continue to tell people where things are at in a store I'm visiting for the first time.
The Church is true, everyone. Better yet, being a part of it brings a greater connection with the Lord, and being happy. I love that.
Elder Karlsven

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