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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Miracles Happen 08/23/2010

Dear Family,
Miracle of the week:
We had dinner with the Svantessons in the ward. I thought I remembered which apartment they live in, but after I knocked we were greeted by a small Chinese lady at the door. She didn't speak much English, but we offered to bring her a Book of Mormon in Mandarin. She accepted and we set an appointmet and got her phone number. Her name is Cecily Chen.
The next day we were calling around to find a Mandarin speaker in the ward. We found two. One had to work at the time we would visit Cecily. The other, Tyler Hooper, wasn't answering his phone. The day of the appointment with Cecily came, and not only did we have no Mandarin speaker to come with us, but we wouldn't even be able to come into her apartment without another guy there (missionary rule).
We went to her apartment, thinking we would just give her the Book of Mormon, and try to set up another time to visit her. We knocked on the door and she wasn't home, even though we had called her that same morning and she said she would be there. Frustrated and angry, we began knocking on some doors in that apartment complex.
After about 5 minutes of that, we got a call from Cecily. She apologized for not being home, but said that she was there now and asked if we could come. As we were walking toward her apartment, a man came out of a garage in the complex. Who was this man? None other than Tyler Hooper, just getting off of work!
"Hi guys," he said.
"What are you doing here?" We asked.
"I live here," he said, "I got your message, but I had to work late today. Sorry. Were you able to see that lady?"
"We're going there now. You want to come?"
So we met Cecily and her husband Ben. I'm not sure what happened, seeing that most of it was in Mandarin, but everyone was smiling, and Cecily asked for more information on church activities and ways to learn more about the Book of Mormon. They will be a pretty good referal for the Chinese-speaking missionaries.
Miracles happen. The Lord can put people in our path to help us in bringing the blessings of learning the Gospel to others.
Elder Karlsven

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