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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Very Busy 09/07/2010

Dear Family,
At the stake pancake breakfast yesterday morning, a guy in BYU cap comes up to me and says, "Hi, Elder Karlsven." I did a double take, and recognized that it was Evan Smith. After 23 months of searching, we finally found each other. I thought Mike and Joe would like to hear about that.
On Saturday night we went to visit Claude, a man from Congo that has come to church before. We came to his apartment and saw that the door was open. 3 men were sitting inside. None of them were Claude. As soon as they saw us they said, "Come in, come in." We sat down with them, and found out that all three of them were refugees from Ethiopia. They had been living in Kenya, but came to California a couple weeks ago. The only one whose name I remember is T.D. T.D. wanted to come to church. We called a member up, and the next thing we know, TD is sitting in Gospel Essentials class with us. I wonder how many people are out there right now that would come to church if only someone visited them and invited them.
But it was a pretty crazy day at church. We had 8 investigators there. 2 of them were there for the first time. Plus we got a phone call asking us to go give a blessing in the middle of church. So we were running around a lot. I'm going to miss wearing a missionary badge at church, which seems to permit you to push people out of the way, grab someone to help with an investigator, etc. as long as you say "Official missionary business" as you do it.
Oh, looks like I'm out of time. Have a great week.
Elder Karlsven

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