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Friday, October 08, 2010

Top and Bottom 10 10/04/2010

Dear Family,
To sum up my missionary experience here in California, I made the following lists. Enjoy.
Top 10 Things I Will Miss About Being A Missionary in California:
10. Free dinners with families every day
9. Driving a 2009 Chevy Malibu
8. Not having to pay for gas
7. Perfect weather
6. Being treated like a celebrity at church
5. Quoting church videos word-for-word
4. Meeting at least 5 people for different continents every day
3. Getting every member's leftover food even if you didn't eat with them
2. Inviting people to be baptized during the first visit with them
1. Being able to point to a nametag every time I introduce myself
Top 10 Things I Will NOT Miss About Being a Missionary in California:
10. Being mistaken for a Jehovah Witness, Polygamist, or Amish person
9. Waiting 2-3 months in an area before anyone pronounces my name correctly
8. Trying experimental recipes ward members make for us
7. Californians that complain if it's even 2 degrees above or below 72 degrees
6. Having to get out of the car and direct the driver any time the car is in reverse
5. Endless phone calls
4. Being attached at the hip to some other dude 24/7
3. Smelling a different ethnic food every time we go in our apartment complex
2. All the contents of my front pocket spilling out when I bend over, often referred to as a "pocket-puke"
1. My 2 best CDs are "Ultimate EFY Collection" and "LDS Superhits of the 90's"
Despite this last list, I've loved it here. These 2 years have changed and helped me more than any other time in my life. I have seen the gospel in action helping others have the happier, most satisfying, and Christ-centered lives that they are looking for. I can't express how grateful I am to have spent my time here as a missionary.
I'll be home on Monday just after noon. How about Burger Supreme for lunch?
Elder Karlsven

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